Infrared Coagulation


Infra-Red Coagulation (IRC) is widely considered the optimal non-surgical treatment for symptomatic hemorrhoids. In comparison to other treatment modalities, IRC:

» No down time
» Fast, safe and effective
» Well-tolerated by patients
» Treatment causes minimal discomfort
» Side effects and complications are extremely rare
» Covered by most health insurance plans
» Recommended as a superior hemorrhoid treatment by medical peer review journals

How does IRC work?

IRC works by exposing the hemorrhoid tissue to short bursts of intense infrared light using a small probe. Heat created by the beam causes scar tissue formation which decreases the enlargement of the hemorrhoidal cushions thus improving the patient’s symptoms.

But does it hurt?

Medical studies have shown that our treatment causes much less discomfort than any other non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment and often is totally painless. With IRC your hemorrhoids can be treated during a regular office visit. IRC requires no special preparation, no anesthesia, and no medications or salves. It rarely produces any post procedure discomfort and does not disrupt your work schedule or lifestyle. You can leave our office and go right back to work.

Is there any special patient preparation required before treatment with IRC?

No, IRC requires no fasting or preparation or special diet. And it requires no anesthesia.

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